Origen: Larvik, en la costa sureste de Noruega.
Antigüedad: 300 millones de años
Tipo de piedra: Larvikite

LUNDHS Blue® (Blue Pearl original) es un material clásico conocido por su base azul con cristales de feldespato de color azul brillante y gris. Una opción fantástica para interior y exterior.

Superficies de piedra

  • A high gloss polished surface is created by using diamond abrasives followed by polishing powders. This finish gives the surface brightness and a mirror-like effect that intensifies the stone colour and enhances the lustrous feldspar crystals.

  • A silk/brushed finish is formed by means of metal brushes that take away the softest particles of the stone. This gives a lightly structured surface with the same gloss as a honed finish and is very smooth to touch. The finish makes the stone appear slightly lighter than a polished surface.