The Importance of Samples: How to Plan Your Kitchen Renovation from Home

From colour schemes and material choices to layout plans, there are a number of steps to go through when you are planning a new kitchen renovation. Whilst your configuration might be considered a priority, it’s important not to forget about the finishes, colours and materials. How your kitchen will work with the light in your room, how it will feel at your fingertips and how it will stand up to everyday use are all essential things to consider as they will play a vital role in the overall feeling your kitchen evokes when it is completed.

Tiles from the Lundhs Real Stone Collection

Here at Lundhs, all of our kitchen worktop surfaces are crafted directly from nature’s landscape. The beauty of our stone is that it is 100% natural, and therefore each piece is completely unique in its composition. Different stones, materials and textures can shift in appearance when paired with various lighting or colours, so it’s important to acquire some real samples of the materials you are considering for your kitchen, in particular your worktop surfaces, so you can feel them, see how they interact with your space and of course, with your other chosen finishes and products

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 13.05.2020