Buy Well, Buy Once with Lundhs Real Stone

As the world becomes more aware of what is having a positive and negative effect on the planet, our buying habits and consumerist behaviours are changing. From reusable coffee cups and drinking bottles to our increased awareness and understanding of what can and can’t be recycled, we’re entering into a significant moment of change.

Written by Janne Magnussen

After decades of overconsumption of mass-produced goods, we’re starting to see a momentous shift in behavioural trends all over the world. Part of this conscious decision change is the choice to invest in good quality products that will last, a direct antidote to the throwaway fast culture that has undoubtedly taken over lives and homes at some point.

From our eating and fashion habits to our interior purchases, buying well and buying once is a mindset that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. This macro trend is leading to homeowners happily investing in good quality products, creating less waste and saving more money in the long run – forming what’s more commonly now being called the circular economy. With a positive economic as well as environmental impact, our main priorities and considerations when it comes to purchasing for the home are changing.

In the case of your kitchen worktop, you can’t get much better than investing in a high-quality, 100% natural surface. When you invest in a Lundhs Real Stone worktop, you can rest in the knowledge that your real stone worktop will last a lifetime. One of the world’s strongest and most unique materials, Lundhs Real Stone is over 300 million years old and remains in its natural state straight from the quarry to your kitchen. A true investment piece that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, each Lundhs Real Stone piece is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, stating the origin of the stone and leaving customers with their own unique piece of Norway.

Here at Lundhs, we take impact on the environment and the planet seriously. Throughout our journey to becoming as sustainable as possible, one of the key messages we want to communicate to our customers is that a Lundhs Real Stone worktop really is for life.

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