Defining Larvikite: The Most Natural Worktop

As homeowners and designers become increasingly aware of the origin of interior products, it’s important to fully understand where our surfaces come from and what they’re made of. Here at Lundhs, we are proud to deliver worktops and surfaces that are brought to you directly from nature’s landscape.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Larvikite – 300 million years old

Sourced from the quarries of Norway and crafted by nature 300 million years ago, Larvikite is one of the world’s most exquisite and unique natural stones. Found in the Norwegian mountains of Larvik (the home of Lundhs Real Stone and the only place where the Larvikite can be found), Larvikite is the ideal material for worktops and remains in its complete natural state from quarry to kitchen. Distributed to countries all over the world, each Lundhs Real Stone is delivered to its final customer with a certificate of authenticity, leaving them with their own unique and untouched piece of 100% real stone from Norway.

Unique and natural stone

Providing some of the world’s most unique and natural materials, Lundhs Real Stone boasts both aesthetic and practical qualities. Offering three different materials in two distinct surface finishes, Larvikite kitchen worktops epitomise the concept of bringing nature into the home. From the icy blue hues of Lundhs Royal to the deep sumptuous silvery blue tones of Lundhs Emerald, Larvikite is a truly versatile natural stone that is suited to both modern and traditional interior schemes.


No added quartz or man-made materials

Unlike granite or composite alternatives, Lundhs Real Stone is 100% natural with no added quartz or man-made materials. The product of minerals melting and mixing under extreme heat millions of years ago, Larvikite is a high density and non-porous surface. Durable, distinctive and completely natural, Larvikite kitchen worktops boast high heat, water, scratch, UV and stain resistance as well as minimal maintenance.


Benefits of a 100% Natural Stone Worktop


Heat Resistant

One of the main benefits of Lundhs Real Stone is that it is naturally heat resistant, meaning that hot pots and pans can be placed directly on to the surface without any worries of damaging the stone.

Water Resistant

As a completely natural stone, Larvikite has a very high density and has been tested and proven to have close to zero absorption, making it the ideal kitchen work surface as it prevents any stains from water and other everyday fluids.

Scratch Resistant

As one of the hardest materials in the world, Larvikite is naturally scratch resistant and as a result is perfect for preparing all kinds of food.

Easy to Clean

Lundhs Real Stone is 100% natural and is extremely easy to clean, requiring no regular maintenance – just a simple wipe with a damp cloth will suffice.

UV Resistant

Thanks to its natural properties, Lundhs Real Stone does not fade when exposed to sunlight, unlike composite and man-made alternatives.

Stain Resistant

Larvikite has an ultra high density, which prevents staining from coffee, tea, oil, wine and even citrus fruits.

A complex blend of beautiful feldspar crystals, each piece of Larvikite rock is completely unique with its own individual fingerprint. Carefully selected by experienced inspectors, who are able to identify the smallest flaws, Lundhs’ comprehensive quality control process ensures that only the highest quality stones find they way to customer’s kitchen countertops.

To discover more about the world’ most natural worktop, head over to our products page or learn about the Lundhs Real Stone company history on our story page.


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