Creating the perfect outdoor kitchen with Lundhs Real Stone

As temperatures begin to rise and the days grow longer, we are all drawn to our outdoor spaces, entertaining friends and family and enjoying the fresh air and summer sunshine. Now more than ever, we are spending more time at home and as a consequence, are looking for ways that we can change or improve our gardens, and what better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with an alfresco kitchen?

Photo by: Morten Rakke

The rise in popularity of the outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens and alfresco dining areas can act as an extension of your home and really transform your outside space. From cooking up a storm for a large gathering to enjoying refreshments under the stars, an outdoor kitchen is the ideal way to make the most of the warmer weather. A staple feature in Australian southern hemisphere climates, outdoor kitchens have experienced an increase in popularity throughout Europe over the past few years. The desire and need to feel more connected to nature has inspired those even in colder climates to consider outdoor cooking and dining as a more permanent fixture in their gardens.

Choose your outdoor materials wisely

When planning an outdoor kitchen, it’s of vital importance to use materials that will not only withstand the warmer weather but also the harsher elements that are brought on by colder and wetter weather. Lundhs Real Stone is 100% natural and is the ideal surface for outdoor kitchens. From UV resistance meaning that the colour will not fade over time, to thermal shock resistance guaranteeing it will not expand when the temperature drops, the 100% natural stone surface is exceptionally well equipped to endure all weather conditions. Crafted directly from nature’s landscape, the Norwegian natural stone is also resistant to water and heat as well as scratches and stains, thanks to its low porosity.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

Designing your outdoor kitchen

From sleek and contemporary to charming and rustic, an outdoor kitchen will reflect your personal style just as much as it would indoors. It’s important to consider how you are going to be using the space, much like when designing a normal kitchen, so plan your layout carefully and think about similar things such as where you are going to be walking or standing while using your outdoor kitchen. Typically smaller than an indoor kitchen, make sure you plan your storage and worktop space well. Are you going to opt for an integrated wine fridge? Or is a larger BBQ or cooker more important to you? Your sink area is also a key element of your outdoor kitchen. The benefit of using a Lundhs Real Stone surface is that a sink can be seamlessly integrated in the same material, creating not only a visually beautiful feature but also providing the added practicalities and benefits of the natural stone’s properties.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

A true celebration of what nature has to offer, Lundhs Real Stone is the ideal surface choice for outdoor kitchens and dining areas. Filled with exquisite feldspar crystals that glisten in the sunshine, the 100% natural stone offers the perfect marriage between beauty and practicality, creating alfresco paradises to be enjoyed throughout summer and beyond.

All photos by: Morten Rakke

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 11 Aug 2020