How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space This Summer

As we start to enjoy the company of our friends and family, it’s more important than ever that our outdoor areas are as inviting and welcoming as they can be. Just as with indoors, there are a number of things to consider when planning the perfect outdoor living space, from colour schemes to accessories and material choices. To help you with your planning, we’ve put together our key tips on how to create your perfect outdoor space.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

Use a Mixture of Natural Materials

Here at Lundhs, we are of course big fans of natural materials. Our stones are 100% natural and as a result work beautifully when paired with other natural textures and materials. Our approach to designing a welcoming outdoor space would be to work with nature as much as you can, whether that’s taking in the natural landscape of your garden or incorporating local materials. An outdoor area that embraces nature is more likely to exude a comforting ambience as it seamlessly blends into its surroundings.

In this outdoor kitchen and dining area (image below), the wooden pergola structure and wood panelling combine with decking, a Lundhs Real Stone surface and rustic accessories to create an outdoor space that is all-at-once stylish and welcoming. Graced with beautiful surroundings of trees and Norwegian landscape, the alfresco kitchen space shows how to perfectly work with nature to create a wonderful exterior entertaining area.

Photo by: Lundhs/Morten Rakke

BBQ or Pizza Oven?

Every outdoor kitchen or dining area needs an outdoor cooking device, whether that’s a Big Green Egg, a pizza oven or a BBQ. Your chosen cooking device will often form the central focal point of your outdoor kitchen so it’s important to plan with this in mind.

In this outdoor kitchen, a big wood-fired pizza oven takes centre stage, and the outdoor kitchen worktop and sink area has been built around it. The rustic appeal of the pizza oven is reflected in the overall aesthetic of the space, creating a beautiful cohesively styled area.

Add Some Wicker Details

From planters and baskets to dining accessories, wicker is the ideal material to add a relaxed rustic touch to your outdoor space. Use baskets for storage on any shelving, or for storing key items you need to bring outside from indoors. Wicker plant pots and planters will add a charming rustic aesthetic to your space and coordinate beautifully with other natural materials such as wood and stone.

Create a Comfortable Seating Area

Nothing beats a welcoming and comfortable dining or seating area! Take care in making your product and design choices to make sure you’re happy with both the style and practicality of your furniture and accessory choices. If you’re opting for bench seating, it’s worth thinking about some outdoor cushions to make it as comfortable as possible to sit on for long periods of time. Make sure the material of your outdoor furniture can stand up to the weather and outdoor elements or invest in suitable covers for the colder months. As a finishing touch, why not add an outdoor rug to create add an inviting ambience and bring the whole outdoor décor together?

We hope our planning tips have helped you make some decisions on how to style your outdoor areas for the warmer months. If you would like more inspiration, head over to our outdoor inspiration page.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 24 Jun 2021