Natural Respite: A Modern Rural Cabin Retreat

Getting away and spending time amongst nature can be soothing for the soul – it helps to realign thoughts and destress away from the worries of our busy lives. This cabin in Rakke, Norway, is the perfect summer retreat. A light and refreshing scheme, the cabin is nestled in coastline countryside, providing access to the beauty of the great outdoors right on its doorstep.

A soothing colour palette

A light and refreshing scheme, a combination of natural materials, light wood finishes and a blue and white colour palette come together to deliver an inviting contemporary scheme, ideal for gatherings of family and friends. With doors opening directly from the kitchen to the outdoors, the cheerful blue kitchen creates a connection to the natural surrounding landscape, perfect for summer days.

Lundhs Blue natural stone worktops

A high gloss polished Lundhs Blue natural stone worktop sits upon the central freestanding kitchen island, creating an eye-catching focal point. Complemented by the dusty blue cabinetry and light wood finishes, the 100% natural stone worktop glistens in the streaming daylight, adding a classic yet calming feel to the modern summer house.

Situated in a beautiful location close to the sea, the homeowners wanted to opt for a local stone for their kitchen island worktop that also reflected the style and essence of the surrounding landscape. With the quarry located just a few kilometres away, Lundhs Blue was the ideal choice.

Inspired by nature

Taking cues from the shades found in nature, the rugged landscape that surrounds this cabin is the perfect inspiration for the interior décor and colour palette. The seaside pebbles combine beautiful soft tones of blue, green, brown and even hints of pink, whilst the crisp clear water and bright green grass create a wonderful backdrop.

Lundhs Real Stone: The perfect choice

The perfect blend of exceptional high quality and natural beauty, Lundhs Blue’s delicate blue and grey tones act as a beautiful base to the hints of radiant crystals that shine through. Resistant to high heat, water, scratches, UV and stains, the natural Larvikite stone is extremely easy to maintain, making it the best choice for a busy, family summer getaway kitchen.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 7 Jul 2022