Norwegian Woodland Cabin Retreat: Where Lundhs Real Stone Meets Nature

Our desire to connect with nature is stronger than ever before, and this is becoming increasingly evident in both our home design choices but also in our holiday destination choices.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Woodland cabin retreats are ideal if you’re wanting to take a break from the everyday world and reconnect with yourself and of course, with nature. It’s no secret or surprise that at Lundhs we are firm supporters of any design projects that celebrate natural materials. So when the opportunity was presented to collaborate and provide our 100% natural stone worktops for the Laagen cabin kitchens, we were delighted to take part.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Lundhs Emerald Kitchen Worktops

Lundhs was thrilled to provide the kitchen worktops for the Laagen cabins. The dark 100% natural Lundhs Emerald worktop was chosen. Drawing the eye and acting as a stunning focal point in the open space, the cabin kitchen is framed by floor-to-ceiling glass windows, meaning guests can enjoying cooking whilst enjoying the breathtaking scenery. As daylight streams through the windows, the feldspar crystals in the natural stone surface glisten in the sun, connecting the interior with the surrounding nature.

An exquisite combination of Scandinavian design and modern architecture, the cabins instil a sense of serenity and calm. Complemented by sleek black cabinetry and chrome finishes, the Lundhs Emerald kitchen work surface brings a natural element to the design scheme.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Laagen Cabins: Blending Beautiful Design with Nature

Surrounded by uninterrupted Norwegian cultural landscape, Laagen is a secluded, exceptionally designed getaway. Situated just an hour outside of Oslo next to the Numedalslågen riverbank, the retreat is made up of 5 glass containers, a treetop cabin and a workshop hub, built to blend harmoniously into the woodland landscape, offering uninterrupted panoramic views of the river and the forest.

Laagen River - just a few foot steps from the cabins. The getaway is located only a few hours drive south of Oslo. Photo: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Durable & Distinctive Natural Stone Worktops

The darkest in the Lundhs Real Stone collection, Lundhs Emerald was the ideal choice to complement the refined and contemporary style of the Laagen cabins. In addition to its visual properties, the natural stone if of course extremely resistant to heat, water, scratch, UV and stain resistant, as well as easy to maintain, making it the perfect surface choice for a busy hospitality kitchen space that will have a lot of us.


Founded on uncompromising design principles that include using Norwegian materials and excellent craftsmanship, making Lundhs Real Stone an ideal partner for the project. To find out more about Laagen head over to their website, and to find out more about Lundhs Emerald take a look at our dedicated page here.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 17 Feb 2021