Summer Trends 2022

Salty air, a sea breeze and the warmth of the sun, summer can bring happiness in so many ways. Whether on holiday or in our own back gardens, summer living trends have become just as influential as interior, design or fashion trends.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

As important extensions of the home, outdoor spaces are a high priority for homeowners and designers to get just right. From outdoor kitchens and alfresco dining to materials and decorative touches, let’s take a look at what we feel will be the biggest outdoor living trends for summer 2022.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

The Fifth Room: Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Often referred to as ‘the fifth room’, gardens are where we spend a lot of our time from early spring until the late autumn. Over the past few years, the attention we pay to our outdoor spaces has increased hugely, as we found ourselves spending more time at home.

Outdoor kitchens, in particular, have increased in popularity. With most indoor amenities now making their way outside, socialising outdoors has never been easier. From natural stone worktop surfaces and integrated sinks, to pizza ovens and BBQs, we’ve never been more equipped to move our lives outside.

Setting the Scene: Alfresco Tablescapes

Tablescapes are a wonderful way of bringing some creative flair to outdoor dining. Our innate desire to extend our homes into our gardens has led to more inspirational alfresco scenes, and the ideas are getting more creative as the seasons go by.

Colour coordinated tablescapes can be easily achieved outdoors. Combine soft pink tones in a variety of ways for a truly pleasing scheme using linen, stone bowls and vases all in different shades of blush. Completed with some seasonal flowers and with subtle accents of gold, your table setting will come to life with ease.

Natural Materials: Embracing Nature’s Surroundings

Drawing inspiration from the natural world that surrounds us, outdoor spaces are naturally incorporating materials that reflect nature. Creating a more calming and cohesive ambience, a beautiful mixture of wood and natural stone will help make an alfresco kitchen become more inviting.

Working with the natural landscape, let any structures truly become part of the outdoor space, embracing all its imperfections. Making the most of natural materials means more longevity – by investing in nature itself, you are investing in a space that will last years and years and will withstand the elements.

Sleek Style: Contemporary Minimalism

More often than not, people will either prefer a modern look or a more rustic feel. The sleek, slick contemporary outdoor feel, somewhat reminiscent of a Californian condo, is an aesthetic that has continued to prevail in popularity. Mixing different surface finishes, such as polished and matte, and incorporating some softness through wood, you will achieve an exterior reminiscent of warmer climes.

Combine Nordic simplicity with hints of bohemian style through bamboo furniture, wicker baskets and palm plants for a comforting take on contemporary minimalism.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Country Charm: Rugged Rusticity

A timeless style that will never fade, a country rustic approach to outdoor design exudes an instant feeling of warmth and charm. An increase in at-home horticulture and re-wilding has inspired design choices, even bringing the beauty of the great outdoors into the home. Summer cabins and outhouses can take inspiration straight from the doorstep, from the crystallised salt water on coastal boulders or the greenery in the wild grass and flowers. Here, this summer cabin’s kitchen incorporates Lundhs Blue into its modern but country scheme, bringing the beauty of nature inside.


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Photo by: Morten Rakke

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 5 Jul 2022