The Beauty of Imperfection: Embracing Wabi-Sabi

A celebration and acceptance of imperfection, the Japanese ethos of wabi-sabi helps us appreciate the unexpected beauty in raw materials. A philosophy we hold close to our hearts, embracing wabi-sabi in interior design and our everyday lives allows us to find comfort in the true essence of a product, from the surfaces and finishes to the items that add individual character.

Respecting authenticity

By embracing the true authenticity of items in our homes and lives, we are able to appreciate and respect the beauty in uniqueness. From celebrating every knot in wood to admiring the irregular flecks of crystals in natural stone, a wabi-sabi approach to design leads you to find peace and tranquillity in simply what is, without trying to mask imperfections or manufacture a vision of what would usually be perceived as ‘perfect’.

The simplicity of accepting and respecting what a material naturally is will translate itself into a lived-in ambience, one that is a more accurate reflection of who and what you are and what your home represents. Once you embrace the unexpected beauty of imperfection and adopt the philosophy of accepting authenticity in its purest form, an inviting and calming aesthetic can be achieved.

Long-standing luxury

‘Buy well, buy once’ is a philosophy we strongly stand by, and when it comes to wabi-sabi less is most certainly more. Materials and items with a history and story to tell will add to an overall feeling of luxury and quality, whilst also tying into our growing innate desire to live more sustainably. A home that can be comfortable with its own imperfections is a home that will stand the test of time.

Quality, long-standing design choices will bring depth and individuality to your interiors, adding more character to your home the more years you have them. One of the most desirable qualities of our 100% natural stone surfaces is that they remain untouched from quarry to worktop, with no man-made materials and minimal interferences. Our celebration of the raw natural stone extends further into our initiatives to ensure offcuts and surplus material are used for exquisite design collaborations, such as our accessories and limited edition collections.

Nature’s palette

Muted, nature-inspired colours will help you achieve a harmonious and calming atmosphere. From greens and blues, to greys, whites and beiges, draw inspiration from nature’s true palette – the less interference with real colours the better.

The interplay of natural light and a combination of earthen tones provide a versatile starting point for any interior scheme. Bring your space to life with individual touches of textures. Texture can be found in a range of elements – from hard surfaces with a matte structured finish, to crinkled loose linens. Don’t be afraid to layer your home either, unlike minimalism, where the aim is to streamline at all costs, wabi-sabi seeks to embrace any and all meaningful objects and their true appearance.


As an approach to life and design, wabi-sabi aligns with many beliefs we hold true here at Lundhs. Celebrating the uniqueness of natural stone in its purest and rawest form, we will always strive to embrace the beauty of imperfection.

All images: Morten Rakke Photography

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 9 Aug 2022