What Are The Benefits of a Natural Stone Worktop?

Some may find it hard to believe, but a Lundhs Real Stone worktop truly is just that – 100% real stone. Unlike man-made alternatives such as composite or quartz, a Lundhs Real Stone worktop is completely natural.

Photo by: Lundhs/Morten Rakke

From homeware and surfaces to clothes and cosmetic products, we have all become more aware of what our belongings are made from as well as the benefits and positive qualities of using more natural, organic products. It goes without saying that the more natural a product, the better, as long as it can deliver and perform how you need it to.

100% real stone fro Norway

Some may find it hard to believe, but a Lundhs Real Stone worktop truly is just that – 100% real stone. Unlike man-made alternatives such as composite or quartz, a Lundhs Real Stone worktop is completely natural. The product of minerals melting and mixing under extreme heat millions of years ago, Lundhs Real Stone is crafted directly from nature’s landscape and has a whole host of excellent practical qualities. So it not only looks beautiful, it also ticks every box in terms of durability, maintenance and practicality.

Made from two of the strongest and unique materials in the world, Larvikite and Anorthosite, Lundhs Real Stone worktops boast a number of practical qualities, making them the ideal surface choice for your kitchen. Delivering the most natural worktops you can find, the exceptional stone remains in its complete natural state from quarry to kitchen, epitomising the concept of bringing nature into the home.

Photo by: Lundhs/Morten Rakke

Natural Stone Is Durable & Hardwearing

Arguably the busiest room in the home, the kitchen needs to withstand a huge amount of use. From cutting and chopping to spills and general day-to-day usage, you could even say that there is no surface that gets used more than your kitchen worktop. As such, durability is one of the key factors you need to consider when choosing your worktop material. Thanks to where it comes from and the fact that it remains in its natural state, Lundhs Real Stone is one of the hardest materials in the world and therefore exceptionally durable. A high density and non-porous surface, a natural stone worktop from Lundhs is heat, water, scratch, stain and even UV resistant. From placing hot pans directly on the surface and everyday food preparation to liquid stains and spillages, there is really nothing to worry about when it comes to your Larvikite or Anorthosite worktop, taking the stress out of your daily kitchen routines.

Photo by: Lundhs/Morten Rakke

Lundhs Real Stone Worktops Are Distinctive & Unique

A unique blend of feldspar crystals, each and every piece of Larvikite or Anorthosite rock is completely individual with its own unique fingerprint and so no two pieces are the same. With homeowners increasingly favouring individuality when it comes to design choices, the idea of owning something that is completely unique to you and your home is extremely appealing. Offering four different materials in two distinctive finishes, the natural Lundhs Real Stone worktops bring the irreplaceable and distinct beauty of nature into the home. From the warm brown tones of Lundhs Antique, to the crisp icy blue hues of Lundhs Royal, the eye-catching, exquisite structure of the crystals in each piece of stone delivers on every aesthetic and visual level. Adding to the appeal of individuality, every Lundhs natural stone worktop is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, stating the origin of the stone and leaving you with your own unique piece of Norway in your home.

Natural Stone Is Extremely Easy to Maintain

Let’s face it; we spend just as much time cleaning our kitchen as we do using it! The last thing you want is to have a kitchen surface that is tricky to keep clean and requires any special type of maintenance. From daily wipe ups to deep clean days, a natural stone worktop requires very little extra care. Thanks to its natural form, you can simply wipe a Lundhs Real Stone worktop clean with a damp cloth and the surface doesn’t require any form of regular maintenance such as sealing or treatment.

All in all, a natural stone kitchen worktop offers you the best of both worlds. Combining exceptional beauty with extraordinary practical qualities, Lundhs Real Stone delivers the most natural worktop you can find. To find out more and choose your ideal natural stone worktop, explore our materials and contact your local stockist to start your Lundhs journey.

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Last edited 28 Feb 2020