Lundhs Royal®

A clear, pure, natural and cooling icy blue.

A versatile beauty

A lovely soft blue feeds through the Lundhs Royal surface amongst its mixture of large crystals. The blended effect projects a clear icy blue – pure, natural and cooling. Serving as an intriguing centrepiece in the kitchen, Lundhs Royal has also been featured on numerous landmarks and high-rise buildings around the world highlighting how well the colours work in the presence of natural light.

The Style

Lundhs Royal is the lightest material in our range and it becomes even lighter with a silk surface. This material works well with steel, wood and cabinets that balance the colours in the natural stone. Lundhs Royal can break up a neutral décor without being too harsh on its surroundings. The beautiful light shades which define Lundhs Royal sit particularly well in brighter rooms.

Drill holes in a raw block of Larvikite

The Origin

Lundhs Royal is one of a kind. There is no other place in the world other than Larvik where you can find the same type of natural stone. The Larvikite stone used to bring this stunning piece to life is unique not just to the country of Norway but to the actual town of Larvik. This makes the stone an especially treasured material with a strong identity, representing the beautiful Norwegian coastlines. The stone would have actually been forged around 100-300 million years ago in a natural process when indigenous rock forms in the wake of cooled magma.

From: Larvik, on the south east coast of Norway
Age: 300 million years
Stone Type: Larvikite



The polished finish will allow that beautiful light blue to truly glisten, further adding a glossy sheen to a sleek scheme.



For a more refined effect, the silk matte and lightly structured finish delivers a smoother effect allowing the material to adapt to a more traditional setting. The silk surface will also make the colour of the worktop appear lighter grey than the polished surface.


There are numerous different edges to choose from. Your kitchen designer or manufacturer can offer you guidance in selecting the perfect edge detail for your kitchen worktop.