The beauty of a natural dark kitchen worktop: Dare to go dark with Lundhs Emerald

Blending contemporary design with natural materials, the silk finish of the Lundhs Emerald Real Stone surface sits beautifully against the backdrop of this florist’s home in Sandefjord, Norway. An exquisite example of how to combine rustic charm with a modern aesthetic, the natural texture and depth of the Lundhs Emerald worktop complements the sleek black cabinetry and metallic accents to create a truly inspirational space.

Written by Janne Magnussen

A Dark Real Stone Worktop: The Natural Choice

Characterised by a lightly structured finish, making the dark material appear even more natural, the Lundhs Emerald Silk worktops create a smooth look that allows the exquisite crystals to shine through. The ideal surface for kitchen prep as well as flower arranging, Lundhs Emerald is the natural surface choice for the kitchen, delivering a stunning backdrop to both floral arrangements and the overall interior design of the property.

A Combination of Dark & Natural Materials

An old farmhouse dating back to 1860, the renovation to this property required a certain balance between introducing a modern aesthetic whilst honouring the building’s past. Carrying out the majority of the work themselves, the homeowners removed a fireplace and an old staircase and fitted a new window above the sink to create a beautifully open-plan, contemporary kitchen.


Opting for all black kitchen cabinetry from Ikea’s Kungsbacka range, the homeowners chose to keep the upper walls free of cupboards to ensure the feeling of spaciousness was maintained. Complemented by a brushed brass tap, light wood flooring, traditional wooden furniture pieces and the dark Lundhs Emerald worktops, the end result is a perfectly balanced, welcoming space.

The Versatility of Dark Natural Stone

One of the world’s most popular natural stones for kitchen worktops, Lundhs Emerald is the perfect marriage of stunning style and exceptional high quality. The darkest in the Lundhs Real Stone collection, Lundhs Emerald is a beautifully classic surface choice for the kitchen and is the visual embodiment of how natural light and materials can combine to produce an impressive visual masterpiece. Bringing both character and elegance to a space, the blend of the glistening blue feldspar crystals and the intense hue of the stone will sit just as perfectly in a stripped-back modern setting as a more traditional scheme.

Making a Statement with Dark Natural Stone

“We are noticing that more and more homeowners are becoming increasingly brave when it comes to surface and colour choices in the home. Natural stone is the perfect choice for those wanting to make a statement without completely overpowering a space. The darkest in the Lundhs Real Stone collection, Lundhs Emerald is one of the most popular choices for worktops and we think there will be an even bigger shift towards slightly darker material in the next few years. The trend for centerpiece stones to give the kitchen a wow factor is also something we expect to remain a popular approach, as well as homeowners using surfaces in different ways such as statement splashbacks or covering both the top and sides of a centre island to create a truly unique focal point.”

Hege Lundh, Marketing Director, Lundhs.

The Practical Benefits of a Dark Real Stone Worksurface

Boasting from high heat, water, scratch, UV and stain resistance, Lundhs Emerald is extremely easy to maintain. Made from one of the most unique and strongest materials in the world, Larvikite, Lundhs Emerald is a truly one of a kind piece. Crafted by nature 300 million years ago and quarried on the southern coast of Norway in a town called Larvik, there is no other place in the world where you can find the same type of natural stone.


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