Handcrafted vases made of raw Larvikite

Product designer Kaja Dahl is showing 6 new vases in collaboration with Lundhs. The vases are made for the Dubai Art Week 2019 – starting March 20th.

Written by Janne Magnussen

The vases made out of 300 million year old Larvikitt was sourced in the quarries in Larvik, Norway, by Kaja Dahl in collaboration with Lundhs. The vases are all unique pieces with polished surfaces contrasting the raw parts of the natural stone. Larvikite is only to be found in this one place by the sea in Norway.

The collections is called «minne». In Norwegian “minne” translates into the English word «memory», but it also refers to an object functioning as a physical reminder of something or someone. Holding only a few stems, each vase creates a focus on the precious nature. The meeting of the fragile and ethereal plant and the monumental stone reminds us of the fragility and constancy in life.

We wish Kaja good luck with her exhibition i Dubai this week!

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