Lundhs Antique®

A dark brown background garnished with clear blue crystals.

Familie lager frokost på kjøkkenet

A truly unique contrasting colour combination

The blend of blue and brown shades is a truly unique contrast of colors. Although the unique qualities make this countertop stand out, it still has that homey feeling in a number of settings, styles and color schemes.

Natural variations such as lines, different sizes of crystals and darker areas appear in the stone. We advise you to visit a showroom to select your piece of stone in person when you choose Lundhs Antique for your kitchen work surface.

The Style

The combination of the sophisticated brown tone with hints of blue and purple crystals makes this the ideal material for a stylish and unique color scheme. Lundhs Antique offers a different take on the more basic colors that dominate modern designs and will fit elegantly into settings with wooden accents thanks to its enriching brown tone.

Tested by FIRA

Lundhs Antique kitchen countertop is a polished surface that has been tested by FIRA and was given the maximum score on all test results.

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The origin

LUNDHS Antique is made from Anorthosite, which is quarried along the west coast of Norway from a stunning patch of land that bears witness to a coastline structured by ice thousands of years ago. The stone itself would have been crafted by nature 1000 million years ago in a process that saw igneous (meaning ‘fire’ in Latin) rock form from the cooling of magma.

From Sirevaag, on the west coast of Norway.
Age: 1000 million years
Stone Type: Anorthosite



The polished finish leaves a shimmering sheen over the brown surface allowing natural light to be reflected in the countertop. This style also allows the blue crystals to glisten and spring to life.



The Silk finish gives the countertop a matte and lightly structured appearance that makes the material appear even more solid.

Either finish is very easy to clean because the material is water resistant and easy to maintain.


There are numerous different edges to choose from. Your kitchen designer or manufacturer can offer you guidance in selecting the perfect edge detail for your kitchen worktop.