Lundhs Blue®

Emulating the colour of a clear sky and the deep sea.

Vivid elegance

Vivid elegance – as this stone portrays, LUNDHS Blue reflects the colors of a cloudless sky and a mirror-like ocean. The combination of the material's blue feldspar crystals, unrivalled quality and distinctive individuality results in a visually stunning countertop that charms many into choosing it as the centerpiece in their kitchens.

The material has a unique blend of medium-sized blue feldspar crystals on a dark background, making the surface radiate with an enticing glow. True blue – truly beautiful.

The Style

The blue colors appear in the darker end of the spectrum allowing the material to fit in and complement a huge variety of styles and color schemes. The piece is a timeless design that bodes well in modern settings as well as in more traditional styles. Rooms or spaces exposed to natural light would bring out the best effect of the stone’s beautiful colors.

The delicate blue and grey tone of Lundhs Blue will fit beautifully against almost any material. Embrace the look with the addition of warm golden finishes like brass and copper or a more pared-back scheme with glass details and steel.

Easy to maintain

A Lundhs Blue kitchen worktop is very easy to clean as the material is incredibly water resistant and easy to maintain. All Lundhs Real Stone products are tested by FIRA in the UK.

The Quality

The origin of Lundhs Blue

Lundhs Blue is quarried a short distance inland from the southern coast of Norway in a town called Larvik. The quarry is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and has a stunning view of the nearby coastline.

From Larvik, on the southeast coast of Norway.
Age: 300 million years
Stone type: Larvikite



The Polished finish gives the countertop a high gloss appearance that complements the blue tones of the material as the crystals reflect their surroundings.



The Silk surface has an elegant matte and lightly structured finish. This provides a softer and subtle look, where the crystals catch the light more softly.


There are numerous different edges to choose from. Your kitchen designer or manufacturer can offer you guidance in selecting the perfect edge detail for your kitchen worktop.