Lundhs Emerald®

An intense and sumptuous dark tone.


Lundhs Emerald is the darkest tone in our Lundhs’ Real Stone collection. The sumptuous silvery blue luster is the visual embodiment of the interaction between natural light and feldspar crystals.

The Style

Lundhs Emerald is a classic choice. The intense color paves a particularly intriguing character in your kitchen, sitting well with stripped-back modern designs. However, it is also neutral enough to blend with environments that are more traditional. It looks stunning combined with materials like brass, copper, wood or even with more contemporary materials such as glass and steel. This lovely blend has also graced the surface of many floors, stairs, walls and desks in a variety of buildings such as hotels, banks, airports and shops around the world.

The deep night sky background of Lundhs Emerald glistens with lustrous blue crystals. Decorating with blue, green and turquoise details will provide perfect reflections of the crystals in Lundhs Emerald. The stone is equally beautiful as a neutral backdrop for many other color ways.

Tested by FIRA

The Lundhs Emerald kitchen countertop has been tested by FIRA and was given the maximum score on all test results.

The Quality

The origin

Lundhs Emerald is quarried a short distance inland from the southern coast of Norway in a town called Larvik. The quarry is next to the site where one of Norway’s most famous Viking ships was uncovered, the Klaastad ship.

From Larvik, on the southeast coast of Norway.
Age: 300 million years
Stone type: Larvikite

Stone sink in a wood



The polished finish allows a glint of silver to illuminate the countertop sleekly and stylishly.
Either finish is very easy to clean due to the incredibly water resistant material that is easy to maintain.



The Silk gives the countertop a matte and lightly structured finish that makes the dark material appear even more solid. In a room with lots of light, the silk surface will create a smooth look and the crystals will shine underneath the matte surface.


There are numerous different edges to choose from. Your kitchen designer or manufacturer can offer you guidance in selecting the perfect edge detail for your kitchen worktop.