Lundhs’ focus on sustainability is reflected in how we operate and care for the resources we extract - for present and future generations.

Durability and high-quality materials.

As the world becomes more aware of what is having a positive and negative effect on the planet, our buying habits and consumerist behaviours are changing. After decades of overconsumption of mass-produced goods, we’re starting to see a momentous shift in behavioural trends all over the world. Part of this conscious decision change is the choice to invest in high quality products that will last, a direct antidote to the throwaway culture.

Choosing materials that are natural and long lasting should be an obvious choice for all of us.

  • Lundhs Real Stone is 100% natural.
  • Due to excellent technical properties our materials are very durable.
  • Stone from Lundhs can be recycled as it is 100% natural.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Respecting the nature

For Lundhs, sustainability is about respecting the precious stone resources and to handle it in the most considerate way we can. In practice, it means that our quarries must be managed in accordance to strict environmental requirements and we must always strive for the best practices - like reusing the water, minimising emissions from machines, working more efficiently, minimising transportation and utilising every bit of the stone from the quarry production.

  • Lundhs stone production is governed by strict national, regional and local regulations.
  • Lundhs is ISO-14001 certified - an international environmental certification that constantly enhances our environmental work.
  • Lundhs aims to utilise 100% of the surplus aggregate from our quarries by 2025.
  • We are restoring quarries back to nature.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

For Lundhs, our focus on Sustainability is reflected in how we operate our company and taking care of the resources we control for present and future generations. Having a sustainable focus means that we continuously need to develop and improve on all areas of our business, respecting the environment, the people involved and the communities we operate in. In this business we have regulations and certifications, but as a company we will always look for improvements beyond the regulations. This is also reflected in our values; Precision, Engagement and Respect.”

Thor-Anders Lundh Håkeastad
CEO Lundhs AS

Lundhs production is ISO-14001 certified.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke