LUNDHS Antique®

Stone type: Anorthosite
Origin: Crafted by nature 980 million years ago in Sirevåg, Norway.

Lundhs Antique is characterised by a variation of clear blue and purple crystals on a brown background. Each piece of stone is unique due to the variations of fine lines, sizes and amount of crystals.

Surface finishes

  • A high gloss polished surface is created by using diamond abrasives followed by polishing powders. This finish gives the surface brightness and a mirror-like effect that intensifies the stone colour and enhances the lustrous feldspar crystals.

  • A silk/lateher finish is formed by means of metal brushes that take away the softest particles of the stone. This gives a lightly structured surface with the same gloss as a honed finish and is very smooth to touch. The finish makes the stone appear slightly lighter than a polished surface.

  • A flamed finish is produced when an intense flame is fired at the stone, causing the surface to brust and become rough. This finish is used primarily fo exteriors applications where slip-resistance is extremely important.