Kitchen worktops

Prices, samples, quotes

Sometimes it's nice to get an idea of the worktop price before starting a detailed planning process. Bellow you will find our material prices and also a price example the cost of an installed worktop. If you would like a quote for your kitchen, send us the details and we will help you obtain prices from one of our recommended suppliers in your area.


The maximum size of a slab is 330 x 180 cm.
If your worktop or island requires a larger piece, a skilled fabricator will be able to join two pieces together beautifully.


The standard thickness of a Lundhs Real Stone slab is 2 cm or 3 cm. Both thicknesses offer the same level of durability. For other requirements, contact your nearest distributor.


  • Lundhs Blue - from GBP 680 per m2
  • Lundhs Emerald - from GBP 680 per m2
  • Lundhs Royal - from 680 GBP per m2
  • Lundhs Antique - from 920 GBP per m2.

Please note that these prices are material cost only, based upon using 2cm thick slabs, and does do not include fabrication and installation. For other formats and applications, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

For other areas of use, please contact us for price offers.