2021 Kitchen Surface Trends

2020 has been a year like no other, and there’s no doubt that it has affected all of our lifestyles and our daily choices. Interiors trends and our design decisions are often directly influenced by the wider outside world and 2021 is set to be a year where we see a few changes in our homes.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

As the saying goes - the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this has never been truer than in 2020. From Zoom dinner parties and virtual cooking classes to FaceTime drinks with friends, the kitchen has definitely been used in an array of new and exciting ways this year!

From rethinking colour schemes and embracing natural materials, to ensuring surfaces remain clean and clutter free, we’d like to take you through the biggest trends we foresee dominating the kitchen surface industry in 2021.

Dark Worktops & Surfaces

Dark interiors have been gradually increasing in popularity over the past few years and next year this trend is set to continue. We’re noticing more and more that homeowners and designers are becoming braver when it comes to surface and colour choices and the kitchen is the perfect place to take this bold step. Whether dark surfaces are combined with lighter, contrasting cabinetry or matched with sleek black or dark grey finishes for a truly luxurious look, there are a number of versatile ways to incorporate dark worktops into the kitchen.

The darkest stone in the Lundhs Real Stone collection, Lundhs Emerald is one of the most popular choices for worktops and we think there will be an even bigger shift towards slightly darker materials over the next few years.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Natural Finishes & Materials

The desire to incorporate more natural materials and finishes in the home is a trend that is becoming more and more prevalent. Homeowners and designers are constantly looking at ways to bring nature into the home, whether that’s through everyday objects or more long-term fixtures like surfaces.

There are numerous benefits to working with natural finishes, and our 100% natural stone kitchen work surfaces are the ideal choice for those looking to bring a natural aesthetic into their interior. Not only do they boast exceptional practical qualities – such as natural heat, stain, water, scratch and UV resistance – each individual piece is completely unique, ensuring style does not have to be sacrificed for practicality.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Distinctive Designs & Statements

As more and more homeowners choose to invest in their homes instead of relocating, we are seeing an increase in true, standout interior design statements. The kitchen is the ideal place to create a real wow factor and surfaces are playing a key role in this. From statement waterfall islands and full-height splashbacks to integrated sinks, there are a number of ways to use Lundhs Real Stone kitchen worktops to create a memorable and distinctive design statement in the kitchen.

With an increased desire for something completely exclusive, the added beauty of working with natural stone, and Lundhs Real Stone in particular, is that each and every piece of stone is completely unique with its own fingerprint, meaning you are guaranteed to have something that no one else has.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

As we look ahead to the New Year with a positive mindset, it will be interesting to witness how 2020 has changed our lives and in particular the choices we make in design. Trends such as hygiene and cleanliness are certain to become a more permanent consideration for years to come, as well as the desire to connect more with nature through our material and product choices.

If you’re working on a kitchen renovation project for 2021 or would like to learn more about the Lundhs Real Stone collection, please get in touch for a quote or more information.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 29 Jan 2021