Lundhs Real Stone featured in Norwegian TV Show

It’s always exciting to see our materials being used in new and exciting projects. And what’s more exciting than being part of a TV show? On the 8th of October, we’re proud to say that Lundhs Real Stone will be showcased in one of Norway’s most popular renovation programmes – “Eventyrlig Oppussing” – loosely translated as “Adventurous Renovation”. Think Grand Designs with a Scandinavian twist! Part of a cabin and outdoor transformation, our Lundhs Royal Larvikite material was chosen to adorn the surfaces of a breathtaking outdoor kitchen area.

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The third episode in the latest series, the show is led by TV host and Interior Designer Halvor Bakke and his carpentry team, Ole Rosén-Lystrup and Gustav Brustad-Nilsen, as they transform a family cabin and outdoor area in the small waterside town of Stavern.

“In Stavern, we work with outdoor areas a lot. So many local homeowners can also get inspiration from watching the episode” says Halvor Bakke.

Outdoor kitchen and several social zones

When it came to designing and planning the outdoor area of this Stavern property, the decision was made to use local stone. Situated just a few kilometres south of Larvik and the Lundhs Real Stone quarries, our materials were the perfect choice. The worktop for the outdoor kitchen surfaces is made from the lightest stone in our collection – Lundhs Royal, in addition to raw larvikite stone being used to build other elements of the outdoor space such as small benches and tables.

Complemented by reclaimed wood cladding and a pergola construction, the large outdoor kitchen is completed with a worktop in Lundhs Royal.

Photo by: Lundhs/Morten Rakke

Kitchen worktop in larvikite

Complemented by reclaimed wood cladding and a pergola construction, the large outdoor kitchen, which includes a pizza oven, is completed with a worktop in Lundhs Royal in a silk matte finish. A beautiful combination of raw, natural materials, the outdoor space is transformed into the perfect space for socialising with friends and family.

Multiple social areas

Helping to zone the outside space, several levels were created in the garden using solid stone blocks of larvikite. These separate zones include a herb garden, champagne swings, a lounge area and then a fire pit and seating areas.

Photo by: Lundhs/Morten Rakke

Lundhs Real Stone for outdoor areas

A wonderfully light natural stone, Lundhs Royal – as shown in this outdoor kitchen – is characterised by its light grey background colour and its large ice blue feldspar crystals. Like all of our stones, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces thanks to its 100% natural composition and properties.

Resistant to the elements

Due to the stone’s natural properties, Lundhs Real Stone will withstand even the harshest of climates in the Nordic countries. Not only does it not absorb water but it is also resistant to stains, is easy to maintain and is able to deal with harsh temperature changes. Thanks to these practical and aesthetic qualities, Lundhs Royal is the perfect fit as a worktop for Norwegian outdoor kitchens.

The third episode of Eventyrlig Oppussing featuring Lundhs Real Stone will be shown on the 8th October on Viaplay, Viafree and TV3 (Norway).

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 1 Oct 2020