Design Award to talented Ali Gallefoss and Kaja Dahl

Congratulations to all the designers that were awarded with the Norwegian Interior Magazine "Bo Bedre" Design Awards last week. We will highlight the awards given to the talented designer Ali Gallefoss and Kaja Dahl, whom we recently had the pleasure to collaborate with over the years.

“Accessory of the year

"Newcomer of the year" to Ali Gallefoss

Congratulations to the Norwegian designer Ali Gallefoss (@aligallefoss) for the @bobedrenorge “Newcomer of the year” design award. We have recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Ali on his project “Aluminium & Stone” for Milano Design Fair.

We couldn’t agree more with the jury’s reason for awarding Ali: “He has the ability to break the traditional rules for design. He has a great amount of self-confidence, humour and creativity – which mirror his abstract, investigating and challenging design objects”. A well deserved winner!

Portrait by @callehuth
Photo of “Aluminium & Stone”: @lassefloede - Styling:@kraakvikdorazio

"“Accessory of the year” to Kaja Dahl

Congratulations to @kaja_dahl for winning the @bobedrenorge “Accessory of the year” design award. Over the years we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Kaja, both on the Larvik Vase and the Fragrance Sculptures, which were featured at Milano Design Fair in 2019.

Commenting on her new fragrance pieces, the jury said: “Krukke & Arch” brings something new into the home, they touch the spirit of this new time we are facing, and at the same time they are innovative. Fragrance sprays and oil burners are familiar to most of us, but with Kaja’s sculptures, handmade by skilled craftsmen in Portugal, we not only get the fine, decadent scent, but also a beautiful formal object we would like to lay our eyes on every day.”

Images of the Fragrance Sculptures:
Photo: @andyliffnerphotography
Styling: @annaleena.interiors
Produced by: @originmade

Protrait Image:
Photo: @francesmarais

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited Sep 7, 2020