Lundhs Royal In “Tid for Hjem”

The first episode of the popular TV show ‘Tid For Hjem’ aired this week, showing a beautiful project that demonstrates how you can turn a dated open plan area into a modern, stylish kitchen and living area.

Foto: Per Olav Sølvberg

The House

Stine Neteland and her husband Kjetil Benson, along with their two children, had recently bought a 1960s house and were in the process of completely renovating the property. The open plan living and kitchen area however, arguably the most important space in the house, was yet to be started. Unsure of what to do with the space themselves, they applied for ‘Tid For Hjem’ for some help.

The Transformation

Both Stine and Kjetil had long thought about how they would design the space – a kitchen island was a big wish, along with plenty of work space. So, when they saw the transformation, with a stunning central island positioned lengthways in the room (something they hadn’t even considered!), they were extremely pleased.

“We’re so happy with the layout”, says Stine a few months after the ‘Tid For Hjem’ finished, “the seats on both sides of the island are absolutely brilliant. It works so well and is probably what we like best.”

The long central island is topped with Lundhs Royal in a silk finish, complete with open shelving above and a run of cabinetry on the wall. Creating a wonderfully spacious feel, the room design blends functionality with style to ensure it integrates easily into an open plan space. The colours, materials and finishes between the kitchen, dining and living areas complement each other with ease, ensuring a seamless transition between the zones.

Foto: Per Olav Sølvberg

Creating the Right Atmosphere With Zones

Designer Morten Bøgh Andersen’s aim was to create a proper family room with three distinct zones, that worked both separately and as a whole. The kitchen includes a breakfast and coffee area, where the family can enjoy a morning sit down, whilst the more formal dining area has plenty of room for guests. The living room area is sectioned off by the large sofa, cocooning the space around the focal point fireplace.

The end result is a room that functions well for big occasions and guests, as well as for everyday family life.

Finishing Touches

From the Crittall-style glass doors to the hanging glass pendants above the dining table, the finishing touches and accessories have been carefully considered to create a room that exudes style as well as comfort. In the living area, bespoke small side tables topped with Lundhs Emerald and Lundhs Antique flamed and silk finishes act as an eye-catching statement and the perfect accompaniment to the welcoming sofa section.

‘Tid For Hjem’ is available to watch on TV2 and every Tuesday at 20:00.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited Jan 12, 2023