Natural Variations: The Unique Wonders of Lundhs Antique

From shade variations and unique brecciations to different sized crystals, each piece of Lundhs Real Stone is truly individual, with no two pieces alike. Here, we take a look at Lundhs Antique to understand the true beauty that is offered by its unique nature.

Lundhs Antique countertop.

Lundhs Antique

Characterised by its warm brown background and blue and purple crystals, Lundhs Antique is the oldest stone in the Lundhs Real Stone collection. Crafted by nature nearly 1000 million years ago in Sirevåg, Norway, it is an Anorthosite and presents a wonderfully unique appearance in each piece.

From the variations in the fine lines to the sizes of the flecks of blue and purple crystals, Lundhs Antique provides you with your very own slice of Norwegian history – a piece of interior décor that not only tells a story but will also stand the test of time thanks to its natural composition.

Embracing individuality

We have spoken before about embracing the beauty of imperfection, and how accepting the natural appearance of materials can create meaningful and worthwhile interior spaces. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing a piece of Lundhs Real Stone, where each slab of stone if completely unique.

The reward for opting for 100% natural far outweighs choosing something that hundreds of others may also have in their homes. When you choose a Lundhs Real Stone worktop, you can rest in the knowledge that your piece of stone is truly individual to you and your home, and is even delivered with a certificate of authenticity stating the origin of the stone, so that you can trace it all the way from your kitchen to the quarry.

The importance of choosing your slab

Whilst embracing uniqueness and individuality is important when working with natural materials, it is vital that you are happy with the stone you end up with, after all, as such a long-term investment you want to ensure you get it right for you and your home.

The first step will be deciding on what look and style you would like. The best thing to do in your planning stages is to order lots of worktop samples. Natural stone in particular can change in appearance depending on the lighting and you need to get a real-life impression of the stone to make your decision.

Part of your design process will be deciding whether you want to make a bit more of a feature of your surface choice. From big statement islands to splashbacks, there are a lot of ways to be creative with natural stone in the kitchen to create truly stunning schemes, and the appearance of the slab you choose will affect the overall finished look.

Real stone will vary in its appearance and so once you have chosen the colour and finish you want to opt for, we would always recommend visiting a stone yard or stone merchants to select the exact piece of stone that your worktop will be made out of. Not only will you then be able to envisage the final scheme but you will also be provided with the knowledge and expertise of the team to ensure you are selecting the best material for your home.

To find out more about Lundhs Antique, take a look at our full collection.

Written by Ingrid Heier

Last edited Jun 7, 2023