In The Studio: In Conversation with an Interior Architect

We are proud to have worked with Interior Architects Into Design on a number of projects, and have recently supplied Lundhs Real Stone for their new studio workspace. Lundhs Antique was specified for the worktops of the kitchen breakout area and samples of the natural stone are also available for any client briefs and project planning.

Photo by: Lundhs / Morten Rakke

Studios and offices are important spaces to get right when it comes to design, and nowhere is this more true than in an interior architects studio. There needs to be a balance between functionality and inviting style, between practicality and beautiful design. The space should feel like a true representation of what a company wants to depict to its clients whilst instilling a sense of productivity.

Interior Architect Lene Marie Weum Knudsen talks to us here about the importance of having real-life samples to hand, advice on designing office spaces and why Lundhs Real Stone is often a go-to material for their projects!

How does having samples of actual materials help the design process of a project?

Working with textures, surfaces, finishes and a selection of the right colours is a big part of the design process, and it is therefore crucial to have samples to hand off what we want to put forward to our clients. Factors such as quality and understanding how different materials appear in different settings and in varying combinations is also very important in order to fulfil project briefs successfully.

What made you choose Lundhs Real Stone as a surface choice for your own studio?

It was important for us to create an inviting and productive working environment with a focus on sustainability and we were very aware of choosing the right materials. Choosing quality over quantity is something we believe in strongly and we strive for in all our projects, not just our own office! We have worked with Lundhs Real Stone a number of times on different projects and so it was a natural choice for us to have it in our own studio.

What was the thinking behind the design of your new office space?

Our showroom needed to have multiple functions; it needed to act as a showroom and a workplace. It was important for us to create an environment that provides space for creative processes as well as be an inspiring studio for employees and clients. Being able to use the entire room for presentations and as a display space for different moodboards gives the room a nice dynamic and makes the office come alive.

What is your design process in the studio? What process do you go through to decide on all the right materials and colour palettes for your projects?

The whole process begins with an idea and a concept and understanding the client’s needs. These basic elements will form the building blocks of successfully fulfilling and completing projects. It requires careful planning, assessment, and an understanding of how to combine aesthetics and function without compromising on either. When you understand the essence of the project, it will provide you with some clear guidelines for the selection of materials, colours and products

Offering unrivalled expertise and advice regarding the use and sourcing of the stone, we pride ourselves on exceptional attention to detail. Each and every material is carefully extracted and sorted into selected colour and quality levels, suited to different types of use, ensuring sourcing of the right quality through its distribution network.

If you are working on a project and would like to speak to us about samples, please get in touch!

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited Sep 30, 2021