Lundhs Antique with mustard yellows and chalky corals - combined with textures and materials in perfect harmony.

We’ve teamed up with renowned Colour Designer and Expert Dagny Thurmann-Moe and her KOI Colour Studio, to demonstrate the versatility of Lundhs Real Stone and its ability to work with a whole host of colours, textures and materials in perfect harmony.

Lundhs Antique combined with mustard yellow

Lundhs Antique & Dijon Yellow

Dijon Yellow 10001 from Jotun is a spicy, deep shade of yellow. The warm colour sits beautifully against the warm undertones in the Lundhs Antique stone itself, making it almost glow. What’s particularly interesting is that the blueish crystals are highlighted, as blue and yellow complement each other well. The perfect accompanying contrast to the warm mustard yellow, the strong Yves Klein Blue shown in this mood board in the form of Blue from Pure & Original creates a striking complementary focal point. When it comes to textures and materials, putting together a palette of yellows and browns can be exciting, especially in the form of painted surfaces, but woodwork and leather are also ideal. Dijon Yellow 10001 works well in a range of different rooms, from the kitchen and hall to the bathroom.

Dijon Yellow 10001 from Jotun is a spicy, deep shade of yellow.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited Mar 6, 2020