Weather-resistant Natural Stone Surfaces

When it comes to choosing your materials and surfaces for your outdoor spaces, there are more factors to consider than in interiors as you have to take the elements into consideration. The almost reliable unpredictability of weather means you need to choose your materials wisely and design your outdoor space with your climate in mind.

Natural materials, in particular 100% natural stone like Lundhs Real Stone, are often the best option when it comes to outdoor surface choices. From outdoor kitchen worktops to swimming pool surrounds and patio paving, the weather-resistant properties of Lundhs Real Stone take away any worries of wear and tear, as it is able to withstand even the most extreme of climates.

UV Resistance

Crafted directly from nature’s landscape, all of the stones in the Lundhs Real Stone collection are UV resistant, meaning the exquisite colours will not fade when exposed to sunlight. Making the 100% natural stone the ideal choice for all exterior applications, Lundhs Real Stone can be used on outdoor kitchen worktops without worry and will stay looking beautiful for many years to come.

Water Resistance

When planning any outdoor design, it’s important to take water resistance into consideration. Thanks to its naturally very high density, Lundhs Real Stone will withstand watermarks and not suffer any damage from dampness. Tested and proven to have close to zero absorption, the non-porous surface guarantees an ease of maintenance and eradicates and fears of damage from rain, mildew, snow or any other liquids.

Heat Resistance

In addition to being resistant to the sun’s UV rays, Lundhs Real Stone can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C. When cooking or serving outdoors - often next to a BBQ, grill or even a pizza oven - a heat resistant surface is extremely useful. Providing the ultimate ease of use, hot pots and pans can be placed directly onto the surface without the 100% natural stone scorching or cracking. One of the hardest materials in the world, all our natural stones are tested by FIRA International and SINTEF (Norway).

Stain & Scratch Resistance

Larvikite and Anorthosite are some of the hardest materials in the world and remain in their natural form from quarry to your home, providing you with exceptional durability. Thanks to the completely natural composition of Lundhs Real Stone, it is completely resistant to scratches and stains, meaning that preparation for BBQs and gatherings can be carried out straight on the surface with ease and without worry.

Frost Resistance

Whilst we spend most of our time in the garden during the warmer months, it’s important to consider how the materials you choose will hold up throughout the whole year. The winter is often the harshest in terms of the elements and so it’s vital to choose materials that will withstand both warm and cold climates. Each and every natural stone in the Lundhs Real Stone collection is resistant to changes in due to thermal shock, meaning that it will not expand or crack in freezing climates.

Abrasion Resistance

Our natural stones are available in a number of finishes meaning they can be specified in textured, non-slip finishes for outdoor flooring. The high abrasion resistance makes all of our stones ideal for outdoor patios and even swimming pool surrounds.

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The versatility of Lundhs Real Stone’s many practical benefits provides homeowners, designers and architects with true flexibility and freedom when it comes to exterior design. Removing any fears of damage or doubts over durability and performance, Lundhs Real Stone is guaranteed to bring an outdoor space to life. For more inspiration on how to use natural stone outdoors, take a look at our outdoor inspiration section. If you’re working on a project, contact us for more information and to get a quote

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited May 11, 2021