A Natural Partnership: Ask og Eng Bathroom Collection

Our latest collaboration is one we are very excited to unveil. Working closely with fellow Norwegian brand Ask og Eng, we present a series of bathroom vanity units. With a committed focus on sustainability and natural products, the exquisite collection exudes luxurious minimalism and a clean Scandinavian aesthetic.

Ask og Eng basin in Lundhs Antique. Bathroom cabinet is made of bamboo.

A design pairing of eco-conscious minds

Specialists in sustainable furniture, Ask og Eng is a forward-thinking and like-minded brand that aligns itself with the beliefs and philosophies that we hold dear at Lundhs – from eco responsibility to long-lasting quality.

The perfect marriage of natural materials, exceptional craftsmanship and tailored design, the bamboo cabinetry and 100% natural stone countertops on the new bathroom furniture series work together in seamless harmony, producing a stunning design choice for the modern home.


“We were contacted by Kine and Kristoffer when they were refurbishing their new home and showroom for Ask og Eng. As specialists in bamboo kitchen and bathroom furniture, their passion for using sustainable and natural materials aligns perfectly with our philosophy, and our Norwegian natural stone is the perfect complementary surface. We had no doubt that we wanted to work with them on this project — the result of the collaboration is both unique and beautiful. Bamboo is as far as I know a fantastic sustainable alternative material for furniture, and together with our stone, it is guaranteed to stand the test of time.” - Hege Lundh, Marketing & Business Development Director, Lundhs

Natural beauty

Featuring a background of warm brown tones and glimmers of blue crystals, the Lundhs Antique stone in a silk matte finish sits atop the bamboo unit, allowing the unique natural features of each material to shine through. Lundhs Antique, an Anorthosite crafted 1000 million years ago by nature on the west coast of Norway when igneous rock formed from the cooling of magma, is a unique natural stone with exceptional practical and visual properties. Complementing the neutral colour palette and contemporary fixtures and fittings in Kine and Kristoffer’s bathroom with ease, the warm natural stone sits beautifully against to the linear detailing on the narrow cabinet fronts, adding a lightness and elegance to the room.

“We have designed a series of bathroom sinks made of Norwegian natural stone, using Lundhs Real Stone’s Lundhs Antique. As with everything else we design, these new sinks started in connection with a project we were working on, where we really wanted to work with Norwegian Anorthosite. We always strive to use as much natural material as possible and therefore we have used the same stone on the countertop as on the flooring, but in a different finish. We just love the rough surface beneath our feet in the morning.

We believe that the materials should have space and be allowed to speak for themselves. What we design and produce must be timeless. Regardless of whether it is for ourselves or a customer, we always do it with the idea that it will last.”

Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng, Founders, Ask og Eng

Timeless minimalism

Designed by Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng, founders of Ask og Eng, for their own home, the furniture complements the look and feel of the modern bathroom scheme, resulting in a timeless and graceful finish.

Featured on both the unit countertop and the floor tiles in different finishes, Lundhs Antique plays a vital role in the overall ambience, presenting different colours, textures and tones in the room. Each and every design element has been planned with careful consideration, from the hard wax oil-treated bamboo to the skillfully crafted internal drawer detailing.

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Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 23 May 2022