Real homes: a modern farmhouse in Larvik

Here at Lundhs, we love seeing into the homes of our customers and how our materials can really bring a kitchen space to life. Much like each of our stones, the story behind each of the kitchens we work on is always unique to the individual and household. Every home tells a story, from the surface choices to the design and layout. We recently visited industrial designer Richard Cartwright’s home in Larvik to see how his modern farmhouse kitchen came together with the incorporation of our Lundhs Antique surface.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

Mixing Natural Stone with Different Materials

The perfect depiction of how to effortlessly blend the old with the new, Richard Cartwright’s kitchen offers a beautiful balance between modern aesthetics and functionality. Using a mixture of natural and traditional materials, the industrial designer’s kitchen speaks to a number of tastes, whilst remaining unapologetically stylish.

From our Lundhs Antique natural stone worktops, which is made from Anorthosite that is over 1000 years old, to the textured wooden cabinetry and leather handles, the mixture of materials used in this kitchen provides personal character and charm. It’s a fantastic example of how to successfully combine various materials in a harmonious and cohesive manner.

Combining Different Colours & Finishes

A contemporary colour palette of dusky blue walls, wood tones, black accents and brown stone pair exquisitely to create a space that is wonderfully inviting. The blue crystals shining through the warm brown background of the Lundhs Antique surfaces create a subtle cohesion between the different zones of the kitchen, whilst the combination of textured wood details, smooth matt worktops and sleek appliances create a diverse yet balanced design scheme.

Photo by: Morten Rakke

Split-level Modern Kitchen Design

A sleek, almost furniture-like freestanding island and hob space is also adorned with Lundhs Antique, making it easily able to move hot pans straight off the induction surface onto the worktop. The family’s dining table sits next to the central island at a lower level, adding visual interest to the space and appealing to the relaxed and inviting ambience of the kitchen.

Integrated Natural Stone Kitchen Sink

A 100% natural material, the worktop also features an integrated sink all in the same stone, resulting in a seamless and uninterrupted appearance. Resistant to water as well as stains, scratches and heat, the family can use the sink with peace of mind of not damaging the stone.

A worktop with an integrated sink in the same stone, results in a seamless and uninterrupted appearance

Photo by: Morten Rakke

Perfect for a Family of Keen Bakers

A home of keen bakers, the intelligently positioned oven is placed directly next to the worktop, providing an excellent surface for prep as well as allowing trays to be taken directly out of the oven and put onto the work surface. The heat resistant properties of Lundhs Real Stone mean that all the family can enjoy taking things in an out of the oven without worrying about damaging the work surface in any way.

About Lundhs Antique Natural Stone

The oldest of all the real stones in the collection, Lundhs Antique boasts beautiful natural variations such as lines and darker areas within the stone, making each and every piece even more unique. The warm background, characterised by a blend of blue and brown crystals, is the ideal pairing with natural materials and wood grains, as seen in this rural Norwegian abode.

Made from Anorthosite, the Lundhs Antique stone itself was crafted 1000 million years ago by nature on the west coast of Norway when igneous rock formed from the cooling of magma.

Find out more about Lundhs Antique or visit our how to buy page to discover how to get your hands on some 100% natural stone for your kitchen project.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited 25 May 2021